Devil of Highland
Česky English
  • stud bitch
  • born 17th feb 2007
  • color: blue
  • tatto: 39
  • stud bitch
  • born 7th may 2008
  • color: fawn
  • tatto: 67
  • puppy
  • born 27th nov 2009
  • color: chocolate brown


A new year full of exhibitions started (we also hope full of competitions) and we set out on our first one to Brno. Karel Kurc who picked us up is a keeper of kelpie Cokiii (Big Chocolate of Lodice). He came with his friend Jana and her poodle. I and Ar got in the car and we set out on the journey. We came to Brno with a high time allowance so we could walk the dogs and chat about the exhibition thoroughly.

The exhibiting in circles started at 9:30. Cecil – Black Jack of Lhotecká linie – came as the first one in our circle. He was awarded the title CAJC. A borrowed Finnish champion Rostaggens Emil came running as the next dog. Of course he could not do worse than CAC, CACIB – he is a real beauty. Flowingly, Hamu - Royal Coctail Hamunaptra Blue – and Cokiii strutted in the circle. Hamu was awarded CAJC.
Right after her Axa – Arrogance of Lodice - showed herself to the judge and left with CAC. Our Ar had her last turn and also got CAC. Whereupon the both CAC’s battled for the title CACIB, which was finally awarded to our Arie!

The judge was choosing the most beautiful dog in the end. He was deciding among Finnish Emil, Ar and the youngster Hamu. Triumphal victory belonged to Hamu.
Critiques: Arie of Lhotecká Linie
A beautiful female dog, great in movement, well-shaped head, ears could be shorter, good topline, very good fur.

Judge: Korózs András
We went to Brno on Sunday as well. This time it was not only Ar’s but also Neff’s turn. But she had probably different plans for her Sunday. Instead of keeping slim she got into the neighbours garden to have some grain (as if she couldn’t have found anything better).She misshaped her figure so much, that she simply wasn’t able to take part at the exhibition.
The criticizing started at 9:30 again and proceeded in the same order as on the preceding day.
Black Jack alias Cecil - CAJC, Affinity Angel Mount Mckinkey - Áffa - VN1 Best Puppy, Big Chocolate of Lodice - VD, Hamu - CAJC, Emil - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Arrogance - CAC, CACIB and Arie this time only V1.
Critiques: Arie of Lhotecká Linie
Judge: Stefanescu
Beautiful head, good expression, upright topline, normal movement, good qualities.


Meeting of kelpies at Pávov

A meeting of kelpies took place at the Autocamp Pávov. The dog keepers came from the whole Republic and brought their pets. Bonitation card and its points were mainly discussed at the meeting. After the meeting the majority of us took our dogs and went walking – so many kelpies together could be hardly seen.
The most of the kelpie breeders packed their things and set on the journey back home after the walk and posing to photographers (except for two dog lovers – Martina R. and Radka J.). These two (and their darlings) favoured us with their visit. They hadn’t a big comfort at our house though, but they are both heroines and did not complain at all. The dogs were tempting each other of course, but who would be surprised – in our small kitchen – four dogs are four dogs. Luckily there were no larger fights, which would end with bleeding. After we woke up on Sunday and put ourselves together, each of us bound her two dogs to their dog-leads and went to walk them – Radka with Céca and Bípek, Martina with Berry and Affici, and me with Ar and Néffa.
We took photos again but there was a lot of running around, so not all of the pictures are of good quality. After the tiring walking Martina and Radka packed up and went home – Martina and her Batman crew to Brno and Radka and her commando a little bit further – to Zlín. We thank them additionally and hope that they will repeat their trip as soon as possible.

15.11. 2008

MVP PRAHA, Bonitace

Today we went to MVP Praha to get bonitation for Aria (we were quite sorry, that we could not exhibit). The way proceeded without any problems, so did parking at PVA Letňany and meeting our friends – participants of the International exhibition - was great. We met the small brother of Arie – Apollo and his half-sister Alfa of Portyčská zahrada, Affi and bulldog Berry, sister of Affi – Arow, and their mother Ajajaj, Jumper, Arrogance, Hamunka and Emil. We have also seen the small sister of Neffie – Britney and brother Benjamin (by the way – big beauties) and Adina of Portyčská zahrada, who also didn’t take part in the exhibition and only waited for the bonitation. After waiting for several hours an important moment came and Erie managed it excellently. She received her breeding license. She got a completely clear bonitation point – hooray! So my dears – from now on Arie is a mature bitch!
After the end of bonitation we packed our things and Marťa, Aff and Berry left for Jihlava, where our daughter Míša and really lovely twins Jéňa and Máťa were waiting for us. The twins went finally sleeping after the get-acquainted party and exhausting convicting that a bulldog is a real dog. And we went to a near pub to restore our bodies. Aff and Berry followed us. Arie and Neff protected our home, because our small girls aren’t altogether foreseeable. After the “rehabilitation” we went home and laid down where we found a place. We quickly fell asleep so tired after the whole day.

NVP Brno

We were in a hurry in the morning as usual – to prepare everything for the dogs including water which we left at home anyway, to take the chairs we did not need, to make some tea we did not drink and to pack some food which we did not manage to eat, because there were loads of fast-food stands at the exhibition grounds. (A stand with ostrich goulash became Ivan’s favourite on Marcela’s recommendation. Marcela’s number one was China noodles).
Finally we started our journey; we gave a lift to Martina Rosická and Akira on our way and took the direction to Brno.
The D1 highway was fine to drive on (in case we do not consider the quality of the road surface). The arrival to Brno knocked us (someone less, someone more) sideways. There was a huge train of cars at Pisárecký tunnel, where we spent about 50 minutes. Being a nervous wreck and not being prepared for such a situation, I got on the verge of nervous breakdown. The idea we will not get to the exhibition in time made me collapse.
Our friend Martina Ruslerová and her Australian kelpie Aff were on the phone during the very unpleasant situation trying to “support” me by the words: “Where are you? Everybody is here waiting just for you!” or “So get off and go on foot with the dogs, jump over the crash barrier, wriggle your way through the cars – it is within a stone’s throw.” – Later, I saw that her “within a stone’s throw.” :-) Here I would like to thank her – Thanks, Marti, thanks. The exhibition started at 9:30. I, Marťa and Aki came running for the very last moment. Cecil - a Black Jack from Lhotecká line showed himself as the first one from puppies – Very promising. Emil -Rostaggens Emil came later in the open class (a very nice blue dog, he was lent to Marcela to the CR). And he got the best awards – BOB. Áffa - Affinity Angel Mount Mc’Kinkey came together with Neff - Belle Neffie from Lhotecká line as the next ones in the class puppy/bitch – both Very promising.
Later it was continued with young dogs, there were two sisters - Big Chocolate from Lodice and Black Storm from Lodice. Finally, Aki - Akira from Štokov and our Arijka - Arie from Lhotecká line came in the middle class and Arie was awarded a CAC title and National winner by referee Řehánek. We finally breathed a sigh of relieve after the promenades with our dog beauties. All of us went out in front of the pavilion, where we exhibited our prides and joys. As we were trying to live healthily, we decided to refill liquids at the nearest fast-food stand – everybody carried it out in their own way – someone had lemonade, someone coffee or bear. And while we were filling up the liquids, Marcela was searching for a place for taking photos. Unfortunately the kelpie was taken away and that’s why not all of the dogs are in the picture. But an amazing bulldog Berry stood in for her excellently. He belongs together with Áffa to Martina Ruslerová from Brno – my physical support :-).
After taking the photos and a little bit of chatting, each of us went to see the stands to buy what they were interested in. We said good-by to all of us and returned on the “marvellous” D1 road surface back home.

random photo

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